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Journal 1/21/10



Lying in bed, I’m amused by and grateful for my current life. I basically got gifted an upgrade from my 3 person sharing hut to a hut all to myself. Emily offered the hut “Dolphin” to me yesterday during laundry since she’s staying in Nico’s bus now. I’m happy with my new sweet dwelling in the jungle. 

Heart Share tonight after dinner was facilitated by Judy. We did some pretty great improv sessions. We joined in groups of 3 creating the appearance of a syncopated machine with repetitious sounds and movement. A couple groups were pretty good. Fred sr., Nathan and I did a couple and Nathan, Rachel and I did one. We also did outer circle, inner circle rotation match up with spontaneous role playing and other games. 

Earlier we had a permaculture class with Tracy. We got soil samples, and talked about the water systems and soil and water in general in which we did a tour.

We had vegetarian sushi for lunch which was more like an overstuffed burrito that refused to stay together. Our work party was to take the remnants of the old roof on the barn off and put a new one on. Some of the crew machete’d and sickled the cane grass and weeds while Nico, myself, Fred sr. and Biko did the high ladder work. The members were ecstatic about us getting the job done in three hours. 

This morning I made the first 5 minutes of Joelle’s acro/partner yoga class, but unfortunately it was my morning to make breakfast for all. Hard boiled eggs, oatmeal, cashews, pumpkin seeds, raisins, almond butter, mameh zapote, papaya, oranges, bananas etc.

Sunset, went to Pole Star for Kirtan. Mediocre overall, but mellowed me out for sure. Beautiful grounds, lovely pot luck dinner and beautiful view.


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Journal 1/16/10


9:57 pm

Remembering yesterday… seems like a lifetime ago. Started today with breakfast, eggs, oatmeal with tones of fixins, tons of fruit, coffee and various other things.. The work party.. We tore out old tarps and weeded then replanted colius and another plant, mulched then fenced a good size area along the side of the tool house. After that AJ and I harvested yakon and their keiki’s. Then lunch. After – peer counseling taught by Amara . Good info but pretty elementary. Great dinner after that. Fritatta’s and tons of other amazing vegetarian food. After that me, Nico, Fred, Fred, Rachel, Emily and Camus went to a party down along a long, bumpy volcanic rock road into a jungle community abode. Tons of locals.. Met some people.. Saw Gina from peer counseling group earlier. Checked out some killer bands including a badass portishead type band with a beat boxing chick singer, dulcimer and electronica. Checked out a fire spinning show and enjoyed the local culture. Reminds me of beach side jungle burning man vibe. 

Today, woke up this morning feeling a little funny, 5 hours sleep, not enough. Ate some oatmeal, then did ecstatic dance in the yoga room for an hour. Broke a sweat and burned of the shadow. Felt better. Then David, AJ, Emily Nathan, Camus and I rented Amara’s car and went to Kehena, clothing optional beach. Really great time. Met Fred  there and had a great conversation with him and Emily. Bumped into Ocean, whom I met at Burning Man 5 months ago. He’s a trip. Chatted with some people from the party last night. Jumped into the ocean for the first time since arriving. Cracked a bunch of coconuts and sugar cane and shared with some other folks and us. Total cool vibe. Cruised over to Natch after a few hours of beach. Talked to some dude in line Kolomana, about his fibonacci sequence broccoli and ayahuasca. Then drove back  to La’akea. Ate dinner including the yakon we harvested. Then went to Ningay’s symposium, Awakening the Drreamer.. Good night

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