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Journal 1/17/10


10:30 pm

The morning began with a shower outdoors in the solar shower behind the main house. Sunday is a free day so we all decided to spend it together as a tribe. Lifetimes had widdled down to days. We all made our own breakfast of eggs, yakon, bread, coffee, fruits etc. Ningay was leaving to teach another symposium at another spot on the island. We had a heart felt talk.. she’s quite a visionary.. She offered to give me her book for free. I was very touched and knew I should give her a bracelet I made. I gave her the Owl Wisdom one. We were both close top tearing. She is living her Dharma and choosing to be carried by spirit. 

We gathered up and decided to hit the road for the day and through the night. The options that laid before us propelled us into our first consensus decision. We joyfully settled into the best choices for the group, as a whole. Kalani’s Ecstatic Dance was the first stop. I was driver again and was christened “Captain”, by Nathan. 

Kalani’s grounds are a little more well funded than La’akea, but they don’t offer the Permaculture classes I desire. Nevertheless, this class was the neo steam punk beach hippy’s version of the classic catholic church. I was exorcised of any remaining demons, if you will. Freeman, the elder of the of our tribe, his girlfriend Vicki, Camus, Rachel, Nathan, AJ, David, Nico, Emily and myself finally enjoyed our due connection amongst the larger circuit of human energy. We danced our godly asses off. The ritual of spirit movement held on this sunday was a successful attempt at bridging the gap between source and human. We started with a good 20 minute warm up which broke the sweat and lit ignited the fire. Then I saw my friend, Arcane from Boston via LA. Since their’s no talking I couldn’t say much. We sat in a circle said some prayers and they expressed certain guidelines. We then walked towards the center starting with an older man, apparently the owner of Kalani and a part Haitian woman. They layed their hands on each other, then each one of us came up one by one and put their right hand on the person’s shoulder in front of them, creatinga spider- like web of people with the intention and success of producing light. Ironically, the person that slipped in front of me was Arcane. The rest of the program was stellar. Our immediate tribe bonded even tighter within the extended Pahoan tribe around. Sweat was shed upon sweat as we moved in one serious Lahui. 

After the dance we decided to go to Kehena for the weekly drum circle ritual. We ate some food and got a beer at a restaurant in Kalapana at the end of Red Rd first. Then onto the infamous party on the black sand beach. Deeper and deeper we go. Sharing fruit, goji, coconuts, oranges, apples, cigarettes, beer, noni and love. Music, beach, spirit and Ohana. After acouple hours the rain lightly fell. Enough to prompt us to meander to the next spot. Downtown Pahoa, the Natch, Thai food, then played pool at local bar, Village Cafe where two Hawaiian guys played live covering familiar songs hawaiian style. Great voices. Ohana kapili. The tribe unites.


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Sacred Spaces


My first 17 ft. Geodesic Dome


 A Sacred space is a healing sphere that is pure, holy and safe. We can create sacred space and summon the healing power of nature anywhere on Earth. Much of our fear and pain derives from the feeling that the world is not a safe place for us. Within sacred space everyone is protected. 

I started realizing the importance of creating sacred space about 4 years ago at the Burning Man festival. When I got back I started building a geodesic dome from scratch. It took about a week and quite a bit of sweat. The math involved and pure physical hard work activated both sides of my brain simultaneously which resulted in a very satisfying process. The reward when finished was unparalleled. Consequently, I spent 100’s of hours of meditation, shamanic ritual, music, yoga and a place to go and leave behind the affairs of ordinary life. Within this space I was able to enter the quiet, peaceful inner world where an abundance of healing took place. I never thought I’d be able to connect to “spirit guides”, nor did I believe they existed. The healing energy and elements of sacred geometry of this space compelled me to return day after day, which subsequently opened up a portal to the spirit world, power animals and spirit guides. I had received many answers to questions regarding my life’s mission and how to maintain peace and happiness. I can’t give all the credit to the physical structure but without it, it’s quite difficult for me to make space in my life for consistent spiritual practice. The value of the first sacred space I built, is priceless. 

Our Domes and camp at Burning Man


One of my Domes on a hillside in the Santa Monica Mountains


Dome Jam


Sunset Dome Ritual


After creating some domes I was inspired by Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book, The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life to build a structure to aid in meditation and stimulate one’s Merkaba Energy Field. Here is a picture of it 75% complete.

The Great Pyramid Merkaba


On my past trip to Hawaii I was honored to assist in the construction of an adult play structure made from local harvested native Ohi’a wood. A few snags and a few weeks later we completed the jungle gym like structure.

Ohi'a Play Structure


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