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Journal 1/20/10



Yesterday, tuesday was the usual breakfast and check in. The work party consisted of pulling lava rocks out from in front of the rock wall at the “Ohi’a house”, which is where Tracy and Biko live. We then created a garden in this same area which involved lots of carrying buckets of soil and spreading it, laying down cardboard for any potential weed prevention, mulch and weeding. Using an o’o bar to poke through the cardboard and about 8 inches of soil below, we then planted the Yakon keiki’s  I harvested a few days ago. Good hard work in the hot hawaiian sun.

Following was a well deserved lunch of garden salad, ceviche, yam- sweet potato and squash stew and other tasty goods prepared by Pia, Fred’s norwegian land mate, and David.

After lunch we had an Non violent communication class with Dona and Judy facilitating. We re-enacted through two person skits, different aspects of poor communication. Ping pong and basketball followed in the meadow space structure.

Dinner was lush vegetarian again. A night cap of jamming with Nathan, Nico and others was fun.

Today is “domestic day”. We pick a cleaning job from a list of about 15 options like cleaning the compost toilets or cleaning and stocking the solar shower area.

Fred and I cleaned the upstairs of the main house and found a dead rat in a trap. I had to pull the rat up which was pretty decomposed and stuck to the floor. I almost threw up.  Later we’ll go to town and do laundry.


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