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Journal 1/16/10


9:57 pm

Remembering yesterday… seems like a lifetime ago. Started today with breakfast, eggs, oatmeal with tones of fixins, tons of fruit, coffee and various other things.. The work party.. We tore out old tarps and weeded then replanted colius and another plant, mulched then fenced a good size area along the side of the tool house. After that AJ and I harvested yakon and their keiki’s. Then lunch. After – peer counseling taught by Amara . Good info but pretty elementary. Great dinner after that. Fritatta’s and tons of other amazing vegetarian food. After that me, Nico, Fred, Fred, Rachel, Emily and Camus went to a party down along a long, bumpy volcanic rock road into a jungle community abode. Tons of locals.. Met some people.. Saw Gina from peer counseling group earlier. Checked out some killer bands including a badass portishead type band with a beat boxing chick singer, dulcimer and electronica. Checked out a fire spinning show and enjoyed the local culture. Reminds me of beach side jungle burning man vibe. 

Today, woke up this morning feeling a little funny, 5 hours sleep, not enough. Ate some oatmeal, then did ecstatic dance in the yoga room for an hour. Broke a sweat and burned of the shadow. Felt better. Then David, AJ, Emily Nathan, Camus and I rented Amara’s car and went to Kehena, clothing optional beach. Really great time. Met Fred  there and had a great conversation with him and Emily. Bumped into Ocean, whom I met at Burning Man 5 months ago. He’s a trip. Chatted with some people from the party last night. Jumped into the ocean for the first time since arriving. Cracked a bunch of coconuts and sugar cane and shared with some other folks and us. Total cool vibe. Cruised over to Natch after a few hours of beach. Talked to some dude in line Kolomana, about his fibonacci sequence broccoli and ayahuasca. Then drove back  to La’akea. Ate dinner including the yakon we harvested. Then went to Ningay’s symposium, Awakening the Drreamer.. Good night


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Sacred Spaces


My first 17 ft. Geodesic Dome


 A Sacred space is a healing sphere that is pure, holy and safe. We can create sacred space and summon the healing power of nature anywhere on Earth. Much of our fear and pain derives from the feeling that the world is not a safe place for us. Within sacred space everyone is protected. 

I started realizing the importance of creating sacred space about 4 years ago at the Burning Man festival. When I got back I started building a geodesic dome from scratch. It took about a week and quite a bit of sweat. The math involved and pure physical hard work activated both sides of my brain simultaneously which resulted in a very satisfying process. The reward when finished was unparalleled. Consequently, I spent 100’s of hours of meditation, shamanic ritual, music, yoga and a place to go and leave behind the affairs of ordinary life. Within this space I was able to enter the quiet, peaceful inner world where an abundance of healing took place. I never thought I’d be able to connect to “spirit guides”, nor did I believe they existed. The healing energy and elements of sacred geometry of this space compelled me to return day after day, which subsequently opened up a portal to the spirit world, power animals and spirit guides. I had received many answers to questions regarding my life’s mission and how to maintain peace and happiness. I can’t give all the credit to the physical structure but without it, it’s quite difficult for me to make space in my life for consistent spiritual practice. The value of the first sacred space I built, is priceless. 

Our Domes and camp at Burning Man


One of my Domes on a hillside in the Santa Monica Mountains


Dome Jam


Sunset Dome Ritual


After creating some domes I was inspired by Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book, The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life to build a structure to aid in meditation and stimulate one’s Merkaba Energy Field. Here is a picture of it 75% complete.

The Great Pyramid Merkaba


On my past trip to Hawaii I was honored to assist in the construction of an adult play structure made from local harvested native Ohi’a wood. A few snags and a few weeks later we completed the jungle gym like structure.

Ohi'a Play Structure


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