Aloha Nani Kamali’i!!! Hello beautiful children!!!  Or how my fellow tribespeople and I would greet, “How’s it bradda !”. Mahalo and thank you for checking out Conscious Culture. This site and blog is being published to take you on the 111 day Big Island Permaculture adventure I experienced, the reflections and the life that follows back on the mainland. As well, I will share with you tools I use to be more present like books, music, organizations, practices and many more experiences that have assisted me on my path.

Their are many reasons why I want to share this with you. One of the main reasons is because I feel like it’s part of my life’s mission to share the tools i’ve found to be helpful in empowering myself to overcome trauma, maintain peace and live more consciously.  I’ve been researching and experiencing what it’s like to be more mindful and aware for many years now and I’m compelled to share all i’ve learned and am currently still learning. 

I sense that society at large and american culture especially has lost it’s sense of true community and connection to the Aina and the Earth. On the other hand, as i’ve witnessed, thier’s an incendiary new subculture and movement of courageous individuals wanting true freedom from our current malady. If you’d like to put a title to these truth seekers you could call them star seeds, sages, prophets, healers, farmers, visionaries, shaman, or just consious beings. These are the chosen ones here to share a way more in tune with nature and inevitably they are the ushers of the new frontier. These spiritual warriors i’m speaking of, are you and me. As the old cliche goes, ” be the change you want to see”. 

This site/blog is here to inspire, provoke, guide, entertain and hopefully, ulimately connect and activate you. 

Activate your highest potential and level of consciousness. Connect you to your true self(spirit), the Earth and universe and the people and animals we share this earth with.

The main topics discussed here are recognizing spirit in everyday experiences, consciousness, permaculture, community and the great shift of the ages. If you can get just a tiny bit of inspiration from this portal, I am honored.



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